Elektra Tech has been designed with dancers in mind. 
This is where technology and tradition meet.


Elektra Tech offers durability that cannot be achieved with a traditional shoe. Without a break-in or break-down period, your shoes will be ready to dance immediately. That means the peak of pointe perfection (that precise moment when we love our shoes) is much longer - in fact, you will experience it the moment you put on the shoes and maintain it until you have to get a new pair. When does that happen? When you think the satin is no longer swan worthy, it will be time to replace your Elektra Techs. Even at that pointe (hehehehehe), you will still have the same support that you always had.


The box is also reinforced around the metatarsals, that means there’s no more knuckling! Because the box and shank housing are made of a durable (yet flexible) material, you can expect the shape and feel to last 2.5 times* longer! Your shoes will feel perfect for a prolonged period!


There is more than meets the eye. Every detail has been thought through, both for functionality as well as sustainability.


Interchangeable shanks allow you to control the support for each foot. From barre to center and Giselle to Paquita, it has you covered. 

- Customize the strength from left to right 
- Customize the strength for different variations 
- Help with injury recovery 
- Build strength throughout your feet 

 With more than 15 shank options for every shoe size, you can be sure there’s the perfect one for you!


With no break-in, Elektra Tech shoes take the stress off of your body by being immediately able to roll through demi-pointe. Your feet do the work and build strength (always the best injury prevention around!) but your metatarsals and instep are supported by a box and shank housing that won’t break down. 

We are all familiar with the painful indent from drawstrings….This is not good for our feet! Joy II and Alegria have an elastic drawstring that is secured down around the Achilles tendon. This helps to protect you from undue stress on this very important part of our anatomy.

*The Dance life of Elektra Techs, like all pointe shoes, is dependent on many factors. 
 This timeline is approximate and not guaranteed.

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