Frequently Asked Questions

Comfortably! Here are some guidelines we suggest:

  • Shoes should have little to no growing room as this can lead to injury.
  • Ballet flats and jazz shoes should hug the foot and be on the snug side.
  • Hard soled shoes like character shoes, tap shoes, and ballroom shoes should be comfortable without any heel slipping.

IMPORTANT: Pointe shoes should only be fit by an experienced fitter. This is critical! Save your feet and be properly fitted. 

The dance life of a shoe depends largely on the type of shoe and how much it is used. A pointe shoe often has a shorter life span than a ballet flat due to its design and level of use. Ballet flats, however, will last a long time depending on the surface on which they are used and to what extent they are stored and taken care of.

See “How do I care for my Só Dança shoes?” for tips to get the most life out of your shoes. 

Special care should be taken with all shoes, and your Só Dança shoes are no different.  

The best way to protect your hard shoes between class is to keep them out of sunlight and away from dust by storing them in their box or a shoe bag.  

Your soft shoes, including ballet flats & jazz shoes, should be allowed to air dry before you leave them in a dance bag.  This is also true, and especially important, for pointe shoes.

If you get a mark on your leather shoes, use polish and a light cloth to massage the mark away.  Canvas and other fabric shoes can be spot cleaned to look as good as new. 

Your Só Dança bodywear will have a very long dancelife if you look after them.  They can be machine washed in cold on gentle cycle and hung to dry. Putting your bodywear in the dryer puts stress on the stretch fibers and will shorten their wearability. 

No. As all the items sold online are discontinued, stock will not be replenished. 

Yes!  Our online store only offers a select line of our products. Your local dance retailers have in-store-only exclusives and many other popular products as well. To find a retail location near you, please email us at and we will be happy to point you in their direction!

We are proud to support our small business retail partners!

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally. We do, however, have distribution centers in many other countries that can help you with sales outside of Canada. Please contact us at if you need help reaching our distribution center in another country. 

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